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What is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger Marketing uses a Chat Bot which is a nifty program that communicates with your sites visitors and customers.

Instead of having Additional Staff on standby your chat bot can be programmed to respond in different ways.

It can respond with same answer every time.

Answer messages according to visitors words.

Use advance technology to cleverly adapt to any situation.

Messenger Marketing Focuses on Conversion of people that visit your website or social media pages.

  • Over 80% of Business are running to use chat bots because they really do work.
  • Over the last 5 years Google Trends reports that search volume around “chat-bots” grew 19x as businesses started realizing their value.
  • 80% of Americans use Messenger regularly
  • 5x more Messenger Messages sent then text.
  • 56% of people prefer Messenger over the phone with a business
  • Over the last year Business messages grew over 4x

We are finalizing a White page on Messenger Marketing (Chat Bots) with more detail. if you would like a copy tap the button and you will be taken to our contact form.

Messenger Marketing

Provides Immediate Interaction with your prospects providing that Instant Gratification we as humans want.

Reduce Wasted time on Presales Questions, Provide Quick Followup’s, Keep in touch on new products and services and even Schedule Appointments.


Facebook status show a 50% increase in client response with Messenger Marketing

What if Messenger Marketing provided and an addition 15% increase on your current marketing cost.

How would that affect your business


Now that you have more people interested in your product or service it is time to follow them around the Internet just like Amazon does. Search for a bicycle and before you know it all you see is bicycle ads.

Would it be Worth a 10 Min Discussion to Learn More?

See for Yourself and Grow Your Business

Messenger Marketing is the future.
Experts agree, within the next 24 months, 85% of business – customer interaction will happen via technology. Naturally, a huge segment of this communication will be via chat and instant messaging applications.

Leveraging both the power of instant connectivity and the billions of consumers who already use Facebook Messenger daily, Dog Park Media LLC uses Messenger Marketing to help businesses not only capture leads for 1,000% more effective marketing but also directly drive sales.

Get Results Today.

Lower your Stress and let Messenger Marketing help you grow your business so you can take the Weekends Off.

How We Work

We have a short meeting to determine if we can even help you. Some businesses we cannot help, just like you cannot help all your clients, customers or patients.

We do have one requirement and that is you read the White paper first. This will give you a cliff note understanding of Messenger Marketing

It is a short 10 minute read. We have found from experience that we spend to much time with needly clients and this removes this issue. I suggest you also used this method in your business. It is called education first.

Messenger Marketing Pricing

You Ask We Tell.

We do not Hide Our Pricing

No Reason to Waste Your Time.
Business Owners understand that marketing is an investment. If your marketing is not paying for its self your marketing team is doing something wrong.

All Packages have a one time $1695 Setup Fee

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